Jenny Schechter

Jennifer Schechter has been building innovative healthcare solutions since 2005, when she opened Integrate Health’s first rural HIV treatment center while serving as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Togo. Since taking on the role of CEO in 2012, Ms. Schechter has helped to expand Integrate Health’s impact in the fight to end preventable deaths of women and children. Working in the marginalized nation of Togo, Integrate Health collaborates with the Togolese Ministry of Health to implement and test proactive, integrated, community health delivery innovations. The innovations developed by Integrate Health and the Togolese Ministry of Health are contributing to the global movement to bring about systems-level change in the way primary healthcare is delivered. Under Ms. Schechter’s leadership, Integrate Health has been recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative and supported by a number of social impact investors. Ms. Schechter is a Rainer Arnhold Fellow with the Mulago Foundation, a recipient of the Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service and a recipient of the Cordes Fellowship. Ms. Schechter received a Bachelor of Science in International Politics from Georgetown University and Master’s degrees of Social Work and Public Health from the University of Washington.