For many, the frustration of having no opportunities, options, or resources can leave people feeling that they have no control. By transforming the health system, we can transform the culture, allowing people to regain ownership over their family’s health and their own.

Integrate Health provides the education, resources, treatment, and medicine to equip families with the knowledge and opportunity to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their family. The desire for a healthy family is universal. Integrate Health is making strides in closing the delivery gap and ensuring reliable, high-quality care to make that desire a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Delivery Gap

The delivery gap is considered the greatest barrier to global health. Obstacles to getting the right innovations, technology, training, treatments, and medicine to the people who need it most cost lives. Nearly one in ten children will not live to see his or her fifth birthday—a rate fifteen times higher than that of developed countries. UNICEF named Togo the 15th Most Dangerous Place to be born in the world in 2018. And the five major killers of children in Togo—malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, HIV, and malnutrition—are all easily preventable, easily treatable conditions with the right resources.

Togo lacks the functioning healthcare system required to deliver effective treatments to women and children in need. Essential healthcare systems, including personnel, supplies, and training, are currently absent or insufficient throughout much of the country. As a result, 70% of Togo’s population, more than five million people, live without access to adequate healthcare. Integrate Health has developed a model that is dramatically reducing child mortality by transforming the way primary healthcare is delivered.

The Integrate Health model proves that communities can transform the dynamics of healthcare delivery. Community Health Workers close the distance to quality care by bringing treatment to a patient’s doorstep. Our clinic improvements and capacity-building renovate structures to match the quality of care inside and provide intensive, practical training to nurses, midwives, and pharmacy managers. We ensure updated equipment, medications, infrastructure improvements, and supply change management so providers have the tools they need. Finally, we eliminate financial barriers by waiving point-of-care fees for pregnant women and children under five.

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Needless death in forgotten places

Imagine being the mother of a sick child in Togo. Your little one is in pain, fading from life, yet there is virtually nothing you can do to alter their fate.

Worse yet, the condition they are suffering from is preventable and treatable at a very low cost, but is still out of your means.

For numerous mothers in Togo, this scenario is a tragic fact of life. The five major killers of children in Togo—malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, HIV, and malnutrition—are all easily preventable, easily treatable conditions. They can be managed at a very low cost, but they still needlessly claim lives.

In Togo, more than 40 years of political instability have eroded the nation’s healthcare infrastructure. International aid organizations pulled out of the country, leaving the Togolese abandoned and suffering. As one of the only operating NGOs in-country with a proven track record for success, Integrate Health is uniquely positioned to turn this tide, eliminate barriers to care, and end needless deaths. 

Check out the results of the Integrate Health Model