Integrate Health has developed a replicable primary healthcare delivery system that includes four components. This comprehensive system has been designed and tested for effectiveness. Each component operates to remove a barrier to lifesaving care.

This integrated model provides a seamless healthcare system that transforms poor clinics and communities into lifesaving centers of care. This model can be replicated at a cost of only $10 per capita with a 10:1 return on investment based on the benefit per life saved.

Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are frontline healthcare providers, predominantly women, recruited from the community they serve. They are trained, equipped, supervised, salaried, and fiercely passionate, combining a lifetime of local knowledge with an ongoing medical education.

Supply chain & infrastructure

Our approach to improving supply chain management and basic infrastructure ensures that providers have high-quality facilities to work in and the tools they need to adequately care for their patients. Clinical mentors coach pharmacy managers to ensure proper supply, equipment, reporting, and ordering so that the right medication is in the right place at the right time.

User fee removal

Research shows that even very small fees sharply limit access to healthcare. The pay-for-service nature of Togo’s healthcare system creates a vicious cycle where low utilization rates leave the health center with little investments while the community receives little care. By removing financial barriers, specifically costs at the point of care, use of lifesaving healthcare services increases dramatically. Clinics see more patients, and patients get the care they need. Over the long term, these changes shift the entire culture around health.