Supply Chain & Infrastructure

Imagine you go to the pharmacy for much-needed medicine for your sick child. It is a prescription that literally means the difference between life and death. Instead, you find the shelves are completely bare. There are no options. Nothing is available.

Now, imagine receiving treatment without access to running water, bathrooms, or electricity. A midwife delivering a child by flashlight. A mother not having a latrine or a place to wash. Basic infrastructure needs, that are often taken for granted, are not met.

Our approach to improving supply chain management and basic infrastructure ensures that providers have high-quality facilities to work in and the tools they need to adequately care for their patients. Clinical mentors coach pharmacy managers to ensure proper supply, equipment, reporting, and ordering so that the right medication is in the right place at the right time.

Basic renovations ensure that clinic buildings have a quality of design and function to match the quality of healthcare delivered inside their walls. In conjunction with a team of partners, we oversee improvements, build water towers, install solar panels, and bolster infrastructure. Read more about clinic improvements here.