Sexual Reproductive Health

In Togo, 368 women die per 100,000 live births.

Family Planning is a highly effective way to reduce maternal mortality by limiting unwanted pregnancies. Myths and misconceptions about family planning are common in West Africa. These rumors can have life or death consequences. Integrate Health works to curb these negative outcomes through improving access to high-quality family planning services and investing in reproductive health education. Community Health Workers, nurses, and midwives are equipped with the tools and training necessary to delivery education and high-quality family planning services to women and their partners at home and in the clinic.

Fundamentally, family planning allows couples to determine the spacing of pregnancies and attain their desired number of children using contraceptive methods, which helps save lives. At a deeper level, it empowers women to make informed decisions about their own health, helping to advance gender equity.  Our Community Health Workers, nurses, and midwives, most of whom are women, as well as male Peer Educators, are equipped with the tools needed to debunk contraception myths, provide counseling targeted to specific community concerns, and help women and girls to fully realize their human rights.