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Healthcare for All

Community Health Workers integrated with improved health centers is a lifesaving combination.

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Primary healthcare delivery that works.

We believe primary healthcare should be accessible to all. We use a primary healthcare approach that delivers improved health outcomes while strengthening the national healthcare system, beginning in Togo.

Catchment Population
The number of people living in areas served by Integrate Health programs.
Healthcare Clinics
The number of public sector clinics that receive Integrate Health’s technical and financial support.
Community Health Workers
The number of trained, equipped, supervised, and salaried Community Health Workers who conduct proactive case-finding and provide home-based care to ensure population-level coverage.
Community Health Worker Visits
The number of visits Community Health Workers make to households, including all types of consultations, educational sessions, and active case-finding since 2016.

Our Vision

We work to ensure the highest quality primary healthcare services are delivered to women and children across every community, by partnering with the government. 

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Two years ago, Adrian Kabessa, head nurse of Naware health center in Dankpen district, welcomed 15 Community Health Workers to his health center as…
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From 2018 to 2021, Integrate Health, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, implemented a four-year replication of the Integrated Primary Care Program, launching…
Integrated Primary Care Program