Integrate Health continuously collects, analyzes, and utilizes data to inform performance management and quality improvement. Data is collected through a myriad of methods ranging from paper-based forms that are entered into computerized databases to mobile forms on phones and tablets.


Integrate Health disseminates data using a feedback loop to provide staff members, partners, and community members with timely access to data in order to inform necessary program adjustments.

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At Integrate Health, we are focused on quality improvement and implementation science to measure and analyze gaps and key contextual factors. We optimize implementation of evidence-based interventions with the singular objective of increasing access to the highest quality of care attainable for our patients while developing transferable knowledge to inform improvement of care more broadly.  We believe that a commitment to establishing a culture of learning through data monitoring and feedback, ongoing evaluation, and quality improvement affords the best opportunity to deliver on our overarching goal of ensuring health as a human right. It is simply not sufficient to “provide” care without a corresponding commitment to relentless improvement. We focus all research efforts on designing and assessing the impact of an intervention while simultaneously driving real-time improvements in the quality of care delivered to patients.

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Success Stories


Alougou Makpete, President of Network of Traditional Healers

The feverish five-year-old child writhed in pain—screaming and crying—unable to move his head from side to side. His skin burned to the touch, yet his hands and feet were cold. He was vomiting and seemed to have a difficult time staying awake. All of this was clear evidence to his concerned parents that he had been cursed by a sorcerer. They needed Alougou Makpete, a local traditional healer based in Sarakawa, to reverse the spell and save their child.