Our Impact

We use innovative data systems to monitor progress and implementation science research to evaluate impact.

The proportion of all cases of childhood illness evaluated and treated who are evaluated and treated by CHWs during the first 72 hours following symptom onset.
Effective Pediatric Referrals
Percent of referrals by Community Health Workers for children under five needing escalated care that follow-up at a health center.
Modern Contraceptive Coverage
Number of women effectively protected by a modern family planning method, out of eligible women.
Prenatal Consultation Coverage
Number of women who attended four prenatal visits, out of women who delivered at a health facility.
Facility-Based Delivery Coverage
The percentage of recorded births that took place at a facility supported by Integrate Health.
Postnatal Consultation Coverage
Number of women who attended first postnatal consultation, out of total recorded births

How We Gather Our Data

We continuously collect, analyze, and utilize data to inform performance
management and quality improvement.

Our Community Health Workers record their patient interactions in real time on paper-based forms or on a mobile application.

We combine and clean data from multiple sources including Community Health Worker data and health facility data from the national DHIS2 system.

Each month, our analysts present data trends to Integrate Health staff to improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

Our Results

Integrate Health uses a feedback loop to disseminate data to staff members, partners, and community members to inform necessary program adjustments.