Delivering Innovations to Communities

At Integrate Health, we bring life-changing innovations to community healthcare. By introducing groundbreaking approaches in places like Togo and Guinea, we’re not just delivering healthcare; we are demonstrating what’s feasible in hardest to reach communities. Our journey is fueled by a commitment to empower local leaders and patients, ensuring a healthier, brighter future for all. 


The rural Ambulance Program in Togo has been pivotal in connecting women and children in critical health conditions to the medical care they need. Ambulances provide rapid, reliable, and free transportation from remote communities to health centers and hospitals.


Tonoudayo, a digital health innovation in Togo, offers a unique approach to healthcare with its patient-centric, data-driven features. This mHealth solution is enhancing healthcare delivery and outcomes in remote communities, supported by high-quality data and the potential for broader implementation. 

Healthcare Delivery Is Only Part of the Solution

Together this package of services creates a seamless system of healthcare delivery that supports governments. Integrate Health works across three levels to strengthen health systems and achieve Universal Health Coverage.