CHWs using the app
Households registered
Unique patient registered
Two women sitting on a bench one of them holding a young child
Unique patient ID system

This feature allows for consistent patient tracking, leading to a better understanding of patient coverage and quality assurance.

Precision care and supervision

Real-time data analytics, easy data filtering for performance tracking, and advanced data queries and aggregation.

Decision support for CHWs

Our full ownership of data enables quicker, more informed decision-making without bureaucratic delays that empower CHWs to make the right clinical decision for every patient.


The rollout of Tonoudayo has not only enhanced patient care by improving follow-up (resulting in more women giving birth at health centers and increased utilization of pre-natal care services) but also optimized resource use, including a significant reduction in paper consumption and the reallocation of personnel to core activities. 

We achieve a 96% facility-based delivery rate between January and March 2024, which was made possible in part due to enhanced patient follow-up with Tonoudayo 

2 people were re-allocated from data entry to other core activities  

Replication in Guinea

In Guinea, our Country Director, Dr. Aboubacar Diakité, showcased the app to key stakeholders including the Ministry of Health. Just as we tailored our approach for Togo, we will customize Tonoudayo to align with Guinean health protocols with a focus on child vaccinations.