What Makes Us Different


Women lead health system design and delivery. 70% of our staff and 95% of our Community Health Workers are women. 



Data drives quality care. We collect nearly 13,000 household surveys and track over 150,000 CHW visits a year to inform our program.


Communities voices are at the center. We hold over 700 community meetings per year to drive improvement.

Our Core Values

Our values, collaboratively defined by our team, drive everything we do.


We strive for the greatest impact in everything we do because that is what our patients deserve.


We set high expectations and give people the tools they need to achieve success.


We provide complete access to information and work hard to identify and address our weaknesses.


We are fearless and unwavering in working towards our ambitious goals.


We consider the feelings, wishes, rights, and traditions of each other and our patients.


We have never, and will never, go at it alone. Guided by our patients and alongside the government, we are working to transform the way healthcare is delivered.

Our Story

Integrate Health was founded in 2004 in partnership with a dynamic group of individuals living with HIV in northern Togo, known as Association Espoir pour Demain (AED-Lidaw). Together Integrate Health and AED-Lidaw built and scaled one of the most effective HIV care programs in Togo. Ten years later, a group of women living with HIV approached Integrate Health. They were worried their babies were at a great risk of dying from treatable diseases like malaria. Because of their plea, Integrate Health launched the Integrated Primary Care Program to bring high-quality, primary healthcare to women and children under five.


Togolese activists and Peace Corps Volunteers build an effective HIV care program in northern Togo.


100th patient enrolls in HIV care.


The Integrated Primary Care Program launches in Kozah district, serving a population of 40,000.


Services expand to the Bassar district, serving a total population of 90,000.


Services expand to the Dankpen district, serving a total population of 140,000.


Services expand to the Keran district, serving a total population of 160,000.

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