Accompanying national governments

We collaborate closely with national governments to strengthen their capacity to deliver effective, sustainable, community-centered healthcare. By providing technical and financial assistance, we create resilient health systems together, ensuring impactful, lasting public health advancements. 

Nurse performing an ultrasound


The Kara regional ultrasound program is a government-owned scale-up of the program  piloted by Integrate Health.


The WEZOU program was launched by the Togolese government to provide free maternal healthcare services to pregnant women.

CHW reforms

The Togolese Ministry of Health launched a national community health policy reform process, with Integrate Health’s support.

A catalytic global ecosystem

We’re shaping a global ecosystem for community health by disseminating our evidence-based findings and playing a leading role in global coalitions. Our efforts focus on strengthening health policies and financing mechanisms worldwide, amplifying the impact and voices of our dedicated Community Health Workers. 

Amplify voices

Community Health Workers are the experts. That’s why we prioritize their participation in global gatherings.

Advocacy and coalitions

We work alongside like-minded partners to disseminate our best practices and lessons learned to unlock greater resources for community health.


We recognize the profound interconnections among health, gender equity, and climate change. By integrating a gender and climate lens to our health work, we address the healthcare gender gap and the escalating health impacts of climate change. We strive to deliver equitable, sustainable health solutions that resonate with the needs of communities. 

Climate change

Climate change is a threat multiplier and is not gender neutral. With maternal and newborn health particularly at risk, Community Health Workers stand as the first line of defense.

Gender equity

We can’t achieve Universal Health Coverage when women are systematically excluded, that’s why gender justice is at the heart of our Integrated Primary Care approach.