May 12, 2017

A Day In The Life of Kpindi’s Health Center Staff


The Kpindi health center is the smallest of the four satellite clinics that Hope Through Health serves, and arguably the most in need of attention and repair.

Ali, the pharmacist in Kpindi, sits at his desk surrounded by stacks of cardboard boxes and plywood shelves. “There are basic things that we lack here. The solar suitcase provides some electricity, but light bulbs are only available in the delivery room and the consultation room. Here in the pharmacy, after the sun sets I have to use a flashlight. We don’t have enough space and it’s hard to stay organized. We try to keep the medicines away from the windows where they’re exposed to rain and sunlight, but the room just doesn’t allow it.”

Atigan is the midwife here. She talks about the building as she cleans down the delivery table from a birth earlier in the day, wiping sweat from her brow. “Our clinic here is so small, there’s just not enough space to do anything that isn’t absolutely essential. It’s hard to organize large vaccination days, or have teachings on family planning or any number of issues, because we just can’t spare the space if there’s a sick patient that needs to be examined, or a woman that is giving birth.” She explains that she loves the work she does but it’s hard not to feel discouraged sometimes, “I don’t like to see women unhappy but what can I do? There’s no running water, I can’t keep things sanitary during a birth. I can’t promise them that they’ll be more comfortable here than they would be giving birth at home. And that’s a problem.” Atigan is optimistic that with the renovations, more women will choose to give birth at the clinic instead of at home, which will translate into a greater number of safe and healthy births in Kpindi.

Atigan, a midwife at the Kpindi Health Center, cleans the delivery table after a birth.

It’s time to build health centers that reflect the high quality of services being delivered inside their walls. In partnership with CONSTRUCTION FOR CHANGE and the 30/30 PROJECT, Hope Through Health is planning to renovate three rural health centers in northern Togo to ensure that communities have a safe and clean building in which to receive basic healthcare with dignity.Our partners have already pledged to fund two-thirds of this project. WE NEED YOUR HELP to raise the final $50,000 by June 30th in order to break ground on these renovations. Will you join us in building dignified health for all, starting in Togo? MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TODAY.