November 10, 2016

Clinic Upgrades Underway


In October, Hope Through Health (HTH) received a shipment of equipment and supplies for three partner public health clinics in northern Togo. The shipment arrived safely at the port in Lomé and was trucked to Kara where it was excitedly received by HTH staff. The materials were stored in a government pharmaceutical warehouse before being sorted and distributed to sites.

Clinical Mentor Emile Bobozi (front left) explains how to use the sterilizer to clinic staff at USP Sarakawa

HTH hosted an event at the Ministry of Health (MOH) warehouse to celebrate the donation from HTH to the MOH. Both the District Health Director and the Regional Health Director were present along with multiple media outlets and the event was broadcast nationally. The District and Regional Directors expressed pride and gratitude for the donation of the new materials. This event helped HTH gain visibility in the country and spread word about the transformative work we are doing in partnership with the MOH in Northern Togo. This will help us as we advocate within the government for MOH adoption and national scale up of our integrated clinic and community model.

Clinical Mentor Emile Bobozi shows USP Kpindi staff members how to set up an exam table

Equipment and supplies were designated as needed to the three rural health centers: USP Djamde, USP Sarakawa and USP Kpindi. Supplementary supplies were distributed to two regional hospitals in the city of Kara.

Now that all materials have been successfully distributed, the HTH team is focusing on assuring proper and effective use of all machines. For example, HTH’s Clinical Mentor is training with a local gynecologist to learn how to perform ultrasounds. Currently he is shadowing the doctor at a clinic in Kara, the regional capital city. In coming weeks the Clinical Mentor will accompany the gynecologist to the rural sites to perform ultrasounds and by January, the Clinical Mentor will be performing ultrasounds himself. The long-term plan is for the Clinical Mentor to train birth attendants in the rural sites to perform the ultrasounds themselves.

In addition, the HTH team is making sure that all dispositions are taken to keep equipment in good condition. For example, the sterilizers require the use of demineralized water. HTH is exploring the possibility of purchasing a demineralizer to run alongside the sterilizers. Furthermore, HTH is purchasing step down converters and surge protectors for all electrical equipment including the ultrasound machines and delivery beds to protect them from power outages and surges. HTH is dedicated to ensuring the proper use, effectiveness, and maintenance of all materials.

New hospitalization beds, injection lamp and medicine cart installed at USP Sarakawa

HTH and our partner communities are extremely grateful to IMEC, the Gould Family Foundation and the Segal Family Foundation for helping transform three of the most underperforming health centers in northern Togo into centers of excellence. Since the launch of the Maternal and Child Health program, the quality of care provided at these clinics has been steadily increasing and more patients are frequenting the centers. The arrival of these equipment and supplies will further enhance the quality of care HTH is able to provide to our patients. HTH would like to extend our deepest gratitude to IMEC, the Gould Family Foundation and the Segal Family Foundation for their support. Together, we are transforming the healthcare system in northern Togo for a population of nearly 40,000 people.