Update on Integrate Health’s Commitment to Dismantling Systems of Oppression

Jan 15, 2021

We recognize that racism, sexism and neo-colonialism exist. We live and work in the context of deep power imbalances. Far too often our efforts to “solve” social problems reinforce those power dynamics. We are committed to changing that.

Since our founding in 2004, Integrate Health has been committed to rectifying the power imbalances too common in international development. We were founded because we, Togolese and Americans, felt the international development system was not serving the people of Togo. That vision remains at the core of what we do. As an organization, we are committed to dismantling systems of power that perpetuate racism, gender discrimination, neo-colonialism, classism or any other perpetuation of inequality and to rebuilding systems that diffuse power, promote collectivity and are destined for the betterment of all.

As part of a larger effort to evaluate and strengthen Integrate Health’s practices in order to continue to operationalize our values as an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-neocolonial and pro-justice and equity organization, our US office has collaboratively developed an action plan checklist. This document is used to track actions taken, actions underway, and actions to work toward. It is a working document that will be continuously updated. In the spirit of transparency and accountability to our staff, patients, and broader community, we are pleased to share this working document here. If you have feedback or suggestions, please reach out.