Clinical Capacity-Building Strengthens Trust

To deliver high-quality healthcare while health service utilization increases, an Integrate Health Clinical Mentor, trained in adult learning theory, provides peer-to-peer coaching to nurses and midwives in public sector clinics. Clinical Mentors guide nurses and midwives through behavior change and quality improvement techniques to arrive at a higher quality of care for all patients who enter the clinic. Clinical capacity-building is essential to developing high-quality, competent care providers who are able to deliver effective treatment for all.

The Impact of Clinical Capacity-Building

Clinical capacity-building strengthens the quality of care at public sector clinics.

Health Centers
The number of public sector clinics that receive Integrate Health’s technical and financial support.
Consultations of Children Under Five
The total number of consultations of children under five completed at Integrate Health-supported health centers in FY21.
Mentored Healthcare Staff
The number of healthcare staff mentored by Clinical Mentors each month.

Integration Is the Key to Success.

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