User Fee Removal Eliminates Barriers to Care

Research shows that even very small fees sharply limit access to healthcare. The pay-for-service nature of healthcare systems creates a vicious cycle where low utilization rates leave the health center with little investments while the community receives little care. By removing financial barriers, specifically costs at the point-of-care, use of lifesaving healthcare services increases dramatically. Health centers see more patients, and patients get the care they need. Over the long term, these changes shift the entire culture around health.

The Impact of User Fee Removal

Eliminating user fees allows patients to seek healthcare when they need it.

Annual Per Capita Cost
The estimated annual maintenance cost of the Integrated Primary Care Program in Togo, based on audited financial statements from FY2022.
Increase in Facility-Based Deliveries
In the Dankpen district (Togo), facility-based deliveries increased 77% after launching the Integrated Primary Care Program.
Increase in Consultations of Children Under Five
In the Dankpen district (Togo), consultations of children under five increased 333% at Integrate Health-supported health centers after launching the Integrated Primary Care Program.

Integration Is the Key to Success.

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