Meet Jeanine: Integrate Health’s Accountant

Jun 13, 2022

As an organization who values transparency, Integrate Health holds ourselves accountable for every dollar we spend. Our mission to make quality primary healthcare accessible to all takes the members of our team out on trips and field missions on a regular basis. We buy medicines, clinical equipment, and training materials. Therefore, to achieve the highest standards of transparency and integrity as we aspire to do, it is essential that all expenses be accounted for. For this important role, Integrate Health has the privilege of welcoming Jeanine Essodolom BINIZI to the team as an accountant. 

Jeanine holds a Master’s degree in Audit and Control as well as in Finance and Management. She brings a wealth of experience in both accounting and internal auditing. She previously worked for a microfinance company as well as for various large companies in Togo such as TOGOCEL (internship) the BCEAO and the CECO Group. After she spent three years in her last position, she was looking for a different kind of experience. That is when she came across Integrate Health’s job posting. The idea that she could work for an organization contributing to strengthening her country’s health system motivated her to apply. Seeing the positive impact of the Integrated Primary Care Program, she believes that Integrate Health can effectively help the Togolese government achieve Universal Health Coverage.   

Jeanine’s work is essential to the functioning of Integrate Health. She takes care of purchase orders and makes sure that the team has everything they need to carry out their day-to-day work. She examines every spending request, ensuring that they comply with the procedure guidelines of Integrate Health and follow the approved budget. She processes receipts, completes transfer orders, and pays salaries to employees.  

Jeanine is a highly dedicated and committed member of the team and never leaves her desk until she is done, especially if she is on a deadline. Jeanine’s work enables other team members to do their jobs effectively. She is the guardian of healthy finance management at Integrate Health.  

Our organization is proud to have women like Jeanine on our team, and we are dedicated to providing more professional opportunities to skilled Togolese women. We believe that with a strong team of women like Jeanine, we will accomplish great things.