Clinic Improvements

Imagine having to give birth by flashlight in a clinic with no electricity, running water, latrines, or bathrooms. Most health centers in rural Togo lack even basic resources. Cramped, crowded spaces with little privacy add to overwhelming conditions.

One of the key components of Integrate Health’s approach is to ensure access to safe spaces by making basic infrastructure improvements when necessary. Integrate Health works with a range of partners to transform public health clinics into buildings that match the quality of healthcare received inside. Installing wells and water towers to create access to running water, bathrooms, and places to wash up and bath. Building solar panels to run electricity. Adding ventilation systems and wire mesh to keep air flowing through and bugs and vermin out.

Renovations in rural health centers, as with other components of the model, change the culture around health. By bolstering the infrastructure of the entire healthcare system, Integrate Health does more than improve facilities; it instills a sense of dignity for patients who have often been forgotten.