September 24, 2018

Integrate Health Participates in UN General Assembly This Week


This week marks the 73rd Annual UN General Assembly, the policymaking organ of the United Nations, held each year in New York. A gathering to discuss, deliberate, and vote on issues ranging from global security, climate change, conflict and refugee crisis to health, infectious, and noncommunicable diseases. Virtually every issue with global reach or impact ends up on the docket for the year. In our effort to realize a world where everyone, everywhere has access to high-quality health UNGA is an invaluable series of meetings, presentations, conversations, and connections to move forward on this aim.

At the center of the discussions for Integrate Health are arguments for Universal Health Coverage. Throughout UNGA 2018, public and private sector leaders will be sharing their insights, experiences, and learnings from partnerships and innovations. Integrate Health will participate throughout this week to absorb lessons, engage in conversations, and share our own experiences.