Integrate Health’s Annual Report 2022 is Live! 

Oct 27, 2022

Integrate Health is excited to share its 2022 Annual Report. Now in our third year of a global pandemic, the challenges we encounter in delivering healthcare to the remote communities we serve are great. Yet, we remain hopeful.  

Over the past year, Togo’s national healthcare system took a new turn with the launch of the national maternal health program, called Wezou and the scaling of the ultrasound program to the entire Kara region. Moreover, Integrate Health now serves a population of over 204,000 people through 200 Community Health Workers and 25 health centers. We have also been taking key steps to transfer ownership of our model to the government of Togo and to expand our service delivery to new geographies francophone West Africa. Led by government, accountable to communities, Integrate Health’s approach continues to deliver key innovations to make quality primary healthcare accessible to all.  

Universal Health Coverage is happening now! 

Take a moment to read about how far we have come this year by downloading the full Annual report or take a quick look at the past year’s achievements in our Virtual Snapshot 2022.