Integrate Health’s Resource Mobilization Code of Ethics 

Apr 25, 2023

As part of our commitment to disrupting systems of inequity, Integrate Health has been working on a Resource Mobilization Code of Ethics. Recognizing the existing inequities in the field of international development, the document will guide our Development and Communications team to ensure that they continue to uphold the organization’s commitment to equity and transparency in fundraising. 

The idea of a Code of Ethics for resource mobilization came out of an Integrate Health all-staff meeting in 2022, where teammates discussed what it means to fundraise ethically. The document highlights key actions that Integrate Health commits to as well as specific characteristics we look for in our partners. For instance, Integrate Health commits to decentralizing development functions by connecting funders directly with in-country leadership and health workers, and we value partners who prioritize women-led initiatives or commit to funding African-led solutions. 

Concretely, this means that rather than having the Global Support team manage funding partnerships and store institutional knowledge within their team only, in-country teams will be equipped to play a leadership role in the fundraising process. This will enable more localized decision-making and better representation of the communities Integrate Health serves. 

The Resource Mobilization Code of Ethics will serve as an ever-evolving set of guidelines for Integrate Health staff to be accountable for their equity and transparency commitments in fundraising. While the document is meant to guide the Development and Communications team, we invite everyone to read it, hoping that our funders will also better understand what we value in our partnerships. 

With the release of the Resource Mobilization Code of Ethics, Integrate Health reaffirms its commitment to disrupting centuries-long systems of inequity in global health development, specifically with regards to philanthropy, resource mobilization, and fundraising. 

Click here to read Integrate Health’s Resource Mobilization Code of Ethics